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HEY! [Oct. 6th, 2005|11:13 pm]
Dark & Edgy Writers Wanted

The Threads of Fallen Souls

Underappriaciated are we
the souls that have falllen
We work for salvation
but all we get is the pain
of knowing we will never get there
so this is a tribute to those
souls fallen in the threads
of the their grasp

Time is like a work horse
it pounds away at our bodies
Time is like a mistress
who bodes us to stay but we must go

Our spirits have weakened
and have turned grey
we have melded and conformed
for so long we know longer know how
to live for ourselves
this is a tribute to those
so intergrated that they
cannot open their wings and fly

Time is like chains
that are draped over our gravesite
Time is like a lock
that grounds our spirit

So listen good
all that have suffered
we can change our fate
we can unintergrate
we are humans
we are humans
we are humans
we can fight off the offenders
and start a new

Time is like thread
flowing in the wind
time is like humans
free and unforgiving.
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Aspiring Poet [Oct. 6th, 2005|04:30 am]
Dark & Edgy Writers Wanted
Hey, My name is Rex Meteorite and I am just looking for some honest opinions about my poems and song lyrics, so enough of the introductions Ill start you off with a song I wrote.

Rainy Day Psychology

the overcast is a sign of hope
it brings new life to the barren lands
the sweet pitter pat of rain outside
the window
washing away what the day left behind

This is just rainy day psychology
looking deeply into the minds of
the departed on a day when the sky
this is just rainy day psychology
analyzing words and phrases that
never exsisted in the first place

giant clouds of greys hang
like heroes in the skies
of some mythical book made
for kings
I watch the puddles gather rain
struggling for a fruitless exsistance
but the truth is, it will be gone tomorrow

this is just rainy day psychology
it never was anything else
and as you are singing this tune
in your head on a rainy day
just remember....you arent alone.
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it's all or nothing... [Sep. 29th, 2005|01:25 am]
Dark & Edgy Writers Wanted

[music |colorblind - counting crows]

roslin talks to herself when nobody is watching. she starts by licking her lips, flicking the tip of her tongue so it bounces off her bottom lip and disappears almost immediately. and pretty soon she's mumbling, wispered thoughts that seek no answers. she repeats herself. again. and one more time. the thought skips across her mind and she imagines it dancing across grey matter like song lyrics stuck in continuos loop. she keeps her mind caged and hungry. a diet of black powder. she imagines a wildabeast beating it's chest as it sits between her ears, rocking back and forth with a belly full of fire. and four words float to the surface, popping one by one as they break the tension barrier. i have a headache.

newbie introCollapse )
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Karma [Aug. 9th, 2005|04:04 am]
Dark & Edgy Writers Wanted

[mood |depressedNo words can describe]

Dark lines streak the face of a thirty year old boy
Tears of waiting roll to the ground uncertain
Where did I lose my way
How did it come to this
I can't ask for forgiveness in the face of utter rage
To break myself on the stone of distrust
I am truly a monster in humans clothing
A fiend that prays upon the sympathy & remorse
Will I ever find the light I call my own

Time slips by at a greater haste than before
I find myself without a soul to speak to
Ordered to endure till the last friend is gone
I am the broken statue of a symbiotic lifeform
I wither under the pulse of life
The very life I once loved

Bestow upon me the power to grow
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I wrote this when I was 17....I found it in an old notebook yesterday. [Jul. 22nd, 2005|04:20 pm]
Dark & Edgy Writers Wanted

[mood |creative]
[music |"I go Wild" ~ Poe...maybe?]

I thought this was pretty fucked up and it came from my point of view.

Fear. It's why I look the other way. It's why I become paralyzed in the heat of the moment. When things seem so right, I pause and look around me. That's when things seem all wrong. And I have to run the other way. I can't seem to sit still long enough to see whats going on inside my head. My emotions are in essence like stained glass, blurry from the inside, but beautiful. People see me go crazy. Sex. Drugs. Smoking. Drinking. Being scandalous in general. People see that as beautiful. I see that as starving. Starving for attention. Starving to be beautiful. Funny that. I never really starved. High on acid and shrooms, I chase purple smurfs through the woods. I don't really remember through the haze, but the elf in the woods talked to me. Telling me that I need to grow up. Fuck him. I'm only seventeen years old. I've got years to grow up. Waking up in the arms of her. So strong. Gentle. She never cares. Fucking me and fucking an older version of beautiful. I wanted to be hers forever. But I can't. So I go back to him. Moving from A to B. The glass becoming foggy. The steel breaks through my skin as though I'm a brick being thrown through the plaster. I wake up in the mess, shrug, continuing to be beautiful. I feel the rush of the cocaine through my nostrils, my veins, my brain. My defrost doesn't work anymore. I'm icy and cold. But shivering from the heat. I can't take it anymore. . But I have to. There's no-one I can turn to. It's no longer a blank canvas. Red. Black. Blue. Purple. Nothings bright. All bitter. I scream and push it away. But everyone thinks it's beautiful. I'm on my knees now. He's behind me. Telling me how great I feel. How tight and wet I am. But it's not because of him. It's because of her. The her I want to be and it turns me on. Almost as much as the heroin does. My mouth is dry. My legs are shaky and I turn to the ecstasy. It brings me up. It makes me warm. It makes me love. My family stares as I come down. They don't know what I did last night. That I haven't slept in three days. That I skipped school yesterday to fuck someone I met the night before. But he offered gifts. Gifts in the form of a needle. I promised never to that. But I did. I weakened to be beautiful. To be wanted. My skirt pulled down to my ankles as he fucked me in the bathroom. I never felt his lips. I felt dirty. Used. But I wanted to feel that way. If only for five minutes while he came inside of me. I tell my friends and they think it's beautiful. I don't want to be beautiful anymore.
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My Story [Jun. 9th, 2005|03:02 pm]
Dark & Edgy Writers Wanted

[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |Alkaline Trio- Fall Victim]

Hey so I just finished this story I've been writing for about a full year. So I would be grateful if you checked it out.

Title: Spoken

Rating: R (due to strong violence and language. Some sex)

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Length: 15 Chapters (17 encluding Prologue and Epilogue)

Summary: Morgan Marder has been an abuse case her whole life. As she deals with her Mother's violence and her father's murder, she has to deal with the stress of being yet another teenager trying to find herself.


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Strange Places # 2 [Jan. 23rd, 2005|02:13 pm]
Dark & Edgy Writers Wanted
you take me to such strange
sitting on top of trees
with gnarled grips and
traveling beneath tunnels
of whispers
and questionable desires

Where the wind screams
and yet the warmth of your
arms I cower
screams that echos

in eternity
above dome shaped
dripping down
like sadness


we fly

high above the grounds
through murky clouds
of uncertainess

bridge of serenity
we run under
wide plains of chaos
we walked around

fields of flowers
of unfilled lust
the scent of
unannounced love
hung high in the air
We gaze at the moon
that shine down its
tender clarity and
truth on us

And yet
we covered our eyes
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Unsent letter to self [Nov. 27th, 2004|01:50 am]
Dark & Edgy Writers Wanted
Hey you
yeah you
I know you are pretending not to hear me

Thank you for taking away my voice
Thank you for ridiculing me to the point
Where even I don't take myself seriously

Thank you for making me into a joke

ha ha

You take away all verification of me
you convince others that I am not real
You convince others that I am just a bug
that need to be chased away
or simply flattened with a shoe

You pretend to forget
that we wouldn't be here if it weren't from me
that we would still play Miss Pretend Happy
I do all your dirty work
the ones that you consider yourself too
high and mighy to do

Make me the bad guy
go right ahead
make me the villan that everyone hates
Make me the one that always escapes
Sure I'll play this crazy role you create
I can be the unstable one
while you get all the glory
for being the sensible one

Oh golly geez
what would we do if there weren't
the sensible you

I am tired of being banished into the dark
I am tired of waiting for a drop of your warmth
wasting away and desiring
I become your vile
so you could be admired

and yet I wait, for a drop of your warmth
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Human Trash [Nov. 27th, 2004|01:39 am]
Dark & Edgy Writers Wanted
He climbs on top
slippery slide
He's caught in lies
cluttery clank
He closes his eyes
bonkerty bonk
and ignores my cries
lickerty lick

He drives inside
Boggerty boo
I lose my mind
dikkerty dook
I lay unpaid
nickerty nick
he fucks me dry
wickery woot

Then he crinkles me up
and throws me away
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Jellovision [Nov. 24th, 2004|11:29 am]
Dark & Edgy Writers Wanted

[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Music?]

I ate some dinner while giving in to the media scream on channel four
Droning at me with small bits of semi-intelligence followed by a mass of stupidity
I stuffed my face while I listened to lies & watched pretty colors that seemed to flash s.o.s.
Will my death be broadcast across the air waves like lottery numbers or stock percentages
My final answer isn't on channel five nor is my big money on six
But I should buy that new car while I route for the local team all while drinking that beer that attracts women
Channel seven is no better as they flog me with white trash at it's best and human degradation and depravity
Channel eight tells me its truck month while yelling at me in local low budget bullshit car insurance
Channel nine
I like channel nine
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